Pizza on Peel e Yeast Pan

Finest Pizza


Villa Italia still follow the tradition of Italian pizza: from the mother yeast, to the whole-grain flours, ground on the stone, we get perfect mixture and carefully choose the selection of ingredients for best filling. We little salt in both the dough and the ingredients to enhance the unique flavors of original italian pizza.


Thanks to the natural leavening, its long and various phases of cooking and its highly digestible dough, that make the pizza extremely soft and fragrant, the Pan of Lievito pizza stands out from the others pizza, finding a perfect blend of culinary innovation and tradition. The Soft and Sparkling Yeast Pan appreciates in all senses, it strikes with its scent and its colors and is remembered for taste and digestibility that satisfy the most demanding palates.



FIVE CEREAL PIZZA ( round pizza)

Our pizza with five cereals, thanks to the slow natural leavening and the use of Italian flour and raw materials fresh and season, give our product an enviable quality.

The softness of our pizza meets the crispness of multi-colored flours, giving it high digestibility and fragrance.

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